November 17, 2010

John Tyner: A REAL American Hero

More dangerous to the fascist cabal that has justified turning the United States of America into some sort of bastardized melding of Israel-Nazi Germany and the USSR would be John Tyner. This is the guy who in the last several days rocketed to national stardom for daring to have the stones to stand up to the glorified door shakers, failed mall cops and degenerate pedophiles of the TSA. Tyner has made himself into a true hero (unlike the phony and overused corporate state term "hero" that is attached to every soldier, cop, firefighter and rescue dog) for the oppressed masses by not only refusing the naked body scanners but keeping his cool, playing out the situation, telling the goons to basically stick it and leaving rather than subject himself to the humiliation and fondling of submission to the petty authoritarians who have taken over the airports in this once great nation turned into something ugly, diseased and just plain un-American that is now called the HOMELAND.

Not only did Mr. Tyner have the stones to just say no at the San Diego airport Gestapo checkpoint  but he actually has a blog where he went home and put it all online where it has gone viral. This certainly has Big Sister Janet Napolitano's anal orifice puckering as the harassment and retaliation by the government run amok has begun, Tyner is going to be targeted by a TSA investigation for his insubordination and most importantly for standing up to these protofascist bastards. You have to wonder whether or not  the poor bastard  will he be extraordinarily rendered, held without habeas corpus and have his toenails pulled out by Jack Bauer worshipping goons who have graduated TSA and are now fully credentialled state torturers. Make no mistake, Tyner is a very dangerous man to the fascist police state, in fact he is more dangerous then even a thousand Joe Stacks because it is a very disturbing blip in the maxtrix of control and institutional social conditioning to submit that has worked to perfection since the day that the coup d'etat was piggybacked onto the false flag terror attacks on September 11,2001.

For the first time this is an incursion of what used to be the cherished American right to privacy that was at one time our birthright, that for which our ancestors spilled their blood and sacrificed all when fighting tyrants on foreign soil. It was all wrested away with one extremely suspicious 'terrorist' attack that provided exactly the jusfification for all of the pillage, plunder, resource wars, tax money extracted by the man to fund our own enslavement and the gropings in our airports (will rape rooms be next?) and coming soon to shopping malls near you. The establishment and the oligarchy that their filthy fucking police state has been erected to protect knows damned well the potential for the interruption of their plans if Tyner serves as an inspiration to others to finally say ENOUGH!. This is like Omaha Beach to those Nazis, they have to stop it, nip it in the bud and do so with extreme prejudice. Let enough people raise hell about their prepubescent kids being felt up by video game addicted washed out loser TSA swine who couldn't cut it in real law enforcement or the military and the GAME IS OVER.

SO..KEEP IT UP...TELL THESE PIGS EXACTLY WHERE TO STICK IT. Especially during the busy holiday flying season. Spread the word not your cheeks, do everything that you as Americans can do to not only encourage revolt against this petty tyranny but also to hit the bastards where they REALLY live, airline stocks. Stop flying, withhold your dollars, hit the airline and tourism industries hard because truly, other than the raw abuse of power what else to the swine understand?

The fascists jumped the shark, overreached and who the fuck knows where this is going from here. Just imagine a population force fed years and years of tabloid cheese child molestation stories, the pervert of the week, Michael Jackson taking liberties with little boys after making them drink Jesus Juice etc. The bastards have used fear of pedophilia to justify a blanket crackdown on civil liberties, censorship of the internet and the pushing of tracking chips all in the name of protection from the pedophiles and ain’t it ironic that the most nasty of the nasty are under the protection of Der Department of Heimat Security fondling little children with the full seal of approval of the rotten to the core United States Government in airports today.

Hell, the irony is brilliant, the blowback would be like the sweetest vintage of Schadenfreude ever.

ENOUGH is ENOUGH and goddamn it, when something like this sort of fiendish abuse of our police state rulers actually fucking CONNECTS with the masses of asses it gives even a hardened, doomsayer and cynic like myself just a little spark of hope that maybe, just maybe these cocksuckers can finally be called out for their hijacking of our country. For the Nazi transformation of America in the aftermath of that holiest of holy days that was September 11th 2001, the day when every cheaply bought, rotten politician, amoral thug and looking to get rich quick snake that parlayed in Orwellian security apparatus hit the lottery, and it was fucking POWERBALL with 911 coming up big.

THIS could strike a blow to the very heart of the empire of fear.

Which is why the corporate media is so desperate today to drown it out in the cranked up cacophony of cum soiled celebrity panties, tales of the glorious British monarchy with jolly old Prince William and the potential queen to be trophy fuck bunny Kate Middleton, the new Harry Potter movie and the damning story that the avenging queen of the mass of moronic masturbators that in a more humane and intelligent era was dubbed by the great H.L. Mencken as Boobus Americanus but now passes for the Tea Party has actually had one of her mispronunciations introduced into the English lexicon in the actual fucking dictionary.

There isn’t enough whiskey in Texas to get me drunk enough to actually belch out a slurred piece of the King’s English like “refudiate’ but in the 2010 Idiocracy that is America it is worshipped by the masses of asses as a profound feat of intellectual production right up there with the finest works of Shakespeare. I wouldn't be half surprised if a collection of Sarah Palin's off key and largely incoherent warbles could be packaged into a synchronized mix and then sold as Christmas songs ala Alvin and the Chipmunks to the dumber than dirt teabaggers who will soon be clued into just how they were used and duped to the Judas goats that they just elected, their saviors will be laughing all the way around the security checkpoints while their own brood will be felt up and drooled over by TSA freaks. This is a land so steeped in stupidity that George W Bush's ghostwritten book has already sold 775,000 copies for Christ's sake!!

Sweet Jesus are we doomed, to borrow from the now infamous Vietnam reference to the insanity of it all maybe it’s time to feed in the coordinates for all major American cities, unleash the nukes and destroy the fucking place in order to save it.


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