February 13, 2011

Andrew Rice and Wired's Sleazy Yellow Journalism

“Truth is generally the best vindication against slander”

-Abraham Lincoln

As I have done a good bit of writing on the Danny Casolaro ‘suicide', the Octopus Murders and the PROMIS software story I was encouraged when earlier this week I was sent a link to a major piece that Wired did on the topic. Being that Wired was the source of the excellent article from back in 1993 entitled The INSLAW Octopus I was expecting a breakthrough in a renewed interest in this ugly story that reached into the highest levels of the Reagan government. Jesus Christ, was I disappointed. The article which is entitled The Octopus Conspiracy: One Woman's Search for Her Father's Killer by an ambitions sleazeball hack named Andrew Rice (his first piece for Wired) was not as much a serious piece of journalism but a diabolical and shameful character assassination on Rachel Begley whose father, Ralph Borger was one of the three people murdered on the Cabazon Indian Reservation in 1981. It is an old story that has in the past years been resurrected thanks to the excellent work of investigative journalist Nathan Baca whose Emmy Award winning series for California TV station KESQ "The Octopus Murders" led to a reexamination of a nearly three decades old triple execution. The cold case murdere of Fred Alvarez, Ralph Borger and Patty Castro were at the center of a shady conclave of black ops specialists, organized crime figures, intelligence community assets and the clandestine operations taking place on sovereign Indian land in order to avoid government oversight. Baca, who has now moved onto a gig with a larger audience in Las Vegas and his series was instrumental in the arrest of Jimmy Hughes, an admitted former hitman now running a ministry in Honduras. At the time of the senselessly brutal triple slayings, Hughes was running security at the reservation casino at the time and in a 1985 television interview admitted that the murders were“an authorized, government backed covert action". Hughes also admitted as much when secretly filmed by Begley during a 2008 confrontation at a Fresno, California convention where Hughes was speaking.

Despite a somewhat benign opening it is obvious that the true intent of the Wired piece is to undermine the credibility of Rachel Begley and therefore make her radioactive to any serious mainstream writers as well as to discredit her case against Jimmy Hughes to discourage any future legal action. Really, it always works this way when one of the little people doesn't just do the obedient thing and shut the hell up about matters of great criminality and systemic corruption. Wired's intent is blatant, given the already ugly blight on the mag's reputation for Wired's role in the setup of Private Bradley Manning over the Wikileaks story and his subsequent imprisonment and torture by the U.S. government. When a so-called reputable media outlet like Wired crossed the line from reportage into propadandizing and acting as a de facto arm of the National Security State in participating in manipulation and entrapment as in the Manning case it ceases to be any more of a reputable source than many of the websites and blogs that Rice will go on to condemn in his attack piece. After the beginning we get to the meat, and therefore true intent of the article. It begins with Andy Rice’s insensitive and callous treatment of Begley is disgraceful, describing her dead father as “a bearded mechanic who liked to drink, smoke pot and ride motorcycles”, plays into the most trite and tired of stereotypes to somehow discredit the man, and his abysmal lack of knowledge about the subject is fully befitting of a corporate media toady. That Rice exploits Begley's crusade to investigate and bring the killer of her father to justice right off the bat by insulting the dead man is an indication of the descent into the sewer that follows.

Andrew Rice, at least from the picture on his bio page appears to be a run of the mill smarmy little yuppie prick. He proudly lists at the end of his article, in addition to his email address (andrewrice75@yahoo.com) that he is the author of a book entitled The Teeth May Smile but the Heart Does Not Forget. Jesus, now THAT is one goddamned stupid title; I’ll bet that motherfucker’s just flying off the shelves and rocketing up the best seller lists with an interest grabber like that. It more fittingly sounds like some sort of cheesy discount dentistry ad that comes in the weekly ValPak pouch in the junk mail along with all the other shit. The Rice book, from the reviews that I read seems to be some sort of examination of the psyches of the victims of Ugandan atrocities, there seems to be a bit of a disconnect that one who is capable of writing compassionately about the human costs of a such tragedy could then be so cruel and dishonest to also produce the rank and vile Wired hit piece. Perhaps Andrew Rice is just another cynical corpse-fucker, peddling bleeding heart drivel to weepy liberal types while calculatingly using such work as nothing more than a springboard. After reading the Wired piece I tend to believe the latter so Andy, why don’t you just go back to Uganda and use your own smiling teeth to chew on the naugahyde tough skin on the ass of Idi Amin’s corpse?

Now Before I get into any sort of serious commentary I would like to present some of Rice’s more ugly lies and smears of this relentlessly remorseless character assassination of Rachel Begley. I am pretty certain that Andrew Rice falsely presented himself as a man of integrity and honor in order to get cooperation to write his article which is a complete bunch of crap, with that in mind the ugliness of this stuff only further embellishes Rice as nothing more than a malicious scoundrel and another corporate media mockingbird.

After the murders, Begley went through a rebellious phase and fell in with a bad crowd. By the time she was 15, she was pregnant and had dropped out of high school. Eventually she got her GED and moved to Iowa. She says she would periodically wonder about the case and check in with the police, who never seemed to have any new information. Beyond that, she didn’t have time or tools to delve too deeply.

Setting the table for the onslaught Rice begins his mugging by painting Rachel Begley as an under-aged, pregnant high school dropout who ran with the wrong crowd and horror of horrors got her GED rather than a pass into a drone mill like Georgetown. According to his bio the author graduated from the prestigious Georgetown University. I strongly suspect that like so with many with a privileged and pampered background quite obviously sees people who are struggling economically and have had a rough time in a life where the deck is stacked against critical thinkers and those without the clout brought by schmoozing with the right people in the phony ritual formerly known as “networking” as nothing more than lower life forms and human rubbish.

Her work, she says, has placed her own life in danger and made her a target of the same forces that killed her father. And yet she cannot stop. She keeps following the siren song of the conspiracy theory, the same beguiling cognitive path that lures others to the JFK assassination and Area 51. What was once a family tragedy has blossomed into something else entirely, a vast puzzle whose solution promises to illuminate not only her father’s death but the dark forces behind the world’s apparent chaos

Here we go with the old "siren song of conspiracy theory” canard, this is the bread and butter of the winged monkeys and their establishment benefactors in that only the OFFICIAL conspiracy theories are allowed. Official conspiracy theories like the Warren Commission whitewash of the Kennedy Assassination and the Kean Commission coverup report on the ‘terrorist’ attacks of September 11, 2001 that was such a mockery largely through ommission that it didn’t even see fit to mention the collapse of the 47 story WTC7, the U.S. Special Operations Command program Able Danger or the now heavily censored testimony of Turkish FBI translator Sibel Edmonds. There was no recording of the questioning of George W. Bush or Dick Cheney under oath and severe restrictions were placed on the review of documents. That the Kean Commission was originally to have been chaired by Henry Kissinger and that the Warren Commission included not only hated Kennedy nemesis Alan Dulles but also coverup artists Gerald Ford and Arlen Specter (the magic bullet) is supposed to be above questioning. Rice also begins his linkage with UFOs with the inclusion of Area 51, he will continue down this path as he paints his libelous picture. The UFO association is a slam bang proven technique to induce mockery and discredit those dangerous to the establishment. Note that Democrat Dennis Kucinich was neutralized during the 2008 presidential debates when he was baited into answering a UFO question.

Begley lives and works in a rickety house at the end of a gravel road, next to a small pond and a rotting wood barn in a rural town outside Louisville, Kentucky, that she doesn’t want named for security reasons. Out front, her “guard dog,” an aging flat-coated retriever named Lucky, lazes beneath her porch. Begley is 43 and heavyset, with piercing blue eyes. On this day, her air conditioner is broken, and her round face glistens with sweat. She has four children, and for the moment she is collecting unemployment and selling a line of weight-loss shakes to make money on the side.

and -

At the time, Begley was working in customer service for an Internet service provider, which was moving its back-office operations to another state, and she was spending her days sitting idly at her computer, waiting to get laid off. Begley had once worked for a collections agency, and she knew how to track people down. “I went into it with a mindset, I guess, almost like a police officer would,” she says.

Now this is the money paragraph for Andy Rice. Now not only does he arrogantly describe the condition of the rural Kentucky home of Rachel Begley in the mocking tone of Big Apple holier than thou snobbery but he goes on to describe her appearance in very nasty and immature terms, more befitting to a middle-school playground than in a 'reputable' publication. He refers to her as "heavyset" with "her round face glistening with sweat" or translated into layman's terms - her story is bullshit because she is FAT. The picture of Begley in the piece is certainly not flattering as it only emphasizes that she is a large figured woman. Now, let's be honest here because Christ certainly knows that being FAT is one very serious taboo in our glorious culture of media fantasy, glitzy models and the wonderful lives that the beautiful people on our televisions live. Such is the American mindset that such superficial horseshit carries the clout that it does, it is more indicative of a diseased and debauched society gone to seed and systematically dumbed down than anything but he taps directly into this like a veteran propagndist. Rice also sneeringly refers to Begley’s former job working in customer service for an Internet service provider with the sort of deeply ingrained loathing that social climbing little pricks like him have for ordinary working Americans. Not to mischaracterize you Andy, and this may be a bit presumptous on my part, but in looking at the picture on your profile page you just come across as a smug and conniving little asshole to me, a real four-flushing douchebag with a tongue like a whip and a backbone made of jelly but at least you aren't FAT.

Finally he viciously runs her down as an unemployed mother of four on the government dole, you see, being down on your luck and jobless in the economically eviscerted Homeland it is only the rich that can be propped up by the government. Somehow I doubt that Mr. Rice has any sort of angry words for the wealthy tax chiselers, corporate cheats and other sucklers on the upper class end of the handout line. Also note the dirty little bastard's reference to selling weight-loss products on the side to further run Begley down. I don’t know if Rice has ever heard of the DeVos family but they made billions of dollars selling similar products and not only own professional sports teams, huge real estate portfolios and the sort of serious political clout reserved for the ultra-rich here in our rotting empire but they also have their very own mercenary army courtesy of DeVos family member Erik Prince and Blackwater (now Xe thanks to too much bad PR due to murdering civilians in Iraq). But they aren't FAT now are they? Rice also mocks the little inspirational prayer that Begley has near her computer about being protected from "evil spirits who prowl about the world". Not to break the author's little bubble or throw water on the bonfire of Wired's burning at the stake of Rachel Begley but doesn't the entire fucking religion of Christianity sort of operate along that rationale?

As Begley plunged into the world of the conspiracy theorists, she found more than facts and assertions—she found a community with its own rules, ethics, and currency. And it was a difficult one to penetrate; the cluster of people devoted to studying the Octopus tended not to throw their arms open to newcomers. Over the years, they had built a kind of gnostic society, a belief system that was both all-encompassing—a grand unified theory of everything sinister—and exclusionary, open only to the select few who could accept the devastating truth. They were suspicious of outsiders and divided into factions that warred over arcane points, often accusing one another of being double agents.

Again, there is the reference to the dreaded pejorative “conspiracy theorists” (also see "tin foil hatters", only a deliberate idiot, or an intellectually lazy mental masturbator or a payrolled protector of the criminal elite benefits from throwing this one around. A better term would be “conspiracy researcher” or “geopolitical analyst” or “investigative reporter”, the very definition of “conspiracy” at least according to the Meriam-Webster dictionary is:

Definition of CONSPIRACY

1: the act of conspiring together

2a : an agreement among conspirators

b : a group of conspirators

Not that THIS would ever happen in daily life. I mean who on our great star-spangled lemming farm that is America would ever be silly enough to believe that people would engage in any sort of scheming and conniving while conducting ordinary daily commerce, engaging in infidelity and conspiring to keep it secret or anything other than being completely honest in the true apple pie loving way. As for political assassination “conspiracy theories” you would think that someone with a culturally valuable Georgetown education might have at some point in school heard about the assassination of Julius Caesar. Maybe Andy Rice spent more time smoking dope than attending history classes.

There were many competing interpretations of the Octopus—Seymour was particularly interested in the alleged role of entertainment company MCA—and they were infinitely adaptable, able to accommodate the Patriot Act or the financial crisis. Devotees found and fought one another on sites like Above Top Secret, conspiracy clearinghouses that host every conceivable thread of discussion. Begley forged an alliance with a retired FBI agent who was exploring a link between the Octopus and Satanic cults. She did battle with a prominent UFO enthusiast who thought the Octopus was hiding the government’s collaboration with a colonizing alien force. (In January, online sleuths discovered that alleged Arizona assassin Jared Lee Loughner was a regular poster on Above Top Secret, but his bizarre ramblings about currency and space travel, widely disdained by other contributors, never touched on the Octopus threads.) Begley also developed a venomous rivalry with Virginia McCullough, a California writer who accused her of being an enemy impostor, not really Ralph Boger’s daughter. When Begley posted a copy of her birth certificate online, McCullough called it “a cut-and-paste job.”

“I do not believe that Desertfae is a ‘victim,’ and she has not posted any information that she is who she claims to be,” McCullough wrote on one message board. “She is a low-stage puppet reporting to the puppet master and two or three of his minions.”
Now, this paragraph is my absolutely favorite one in the entire sordid piece. Andy Rice emphatically mentions the website Above Top Secret which any conspiracy researcher with any credibility avoids like the bubonic plague as it is so full of disinformation, real nutcases, government sanctioned operatives, hopheads, seriously deranged paranoids and completely unfiltered craziness that is so unreadable that it is laughable. Personally, I view it as a vacuum cleaner operation set up to sow disinformation, I would reference Obama administration figure Cass Sunstein’s theory on how to cognitively infiltrate and break up serious research groups through use of plants and agent provocateurs, I doubt that Rice knows very much at all about COINTELPRO (God knows if they don't teach the assassination of Julius Caesar at fucking Georgtown why would they bother with that?) or any of the other historically documented government efforts to discredit or otherwise silence those who ask the inconvenient questions of power.

The truth is that Andy Rice invokes this website largely for the reason of making a bizarre, ludicrous and libelous linkage between  Rachel Begley and that murderous little fiend Jared Loughner whose recent Arizona killing spree shocked the nation. Hey Andy, why don’t you explain just what the fuck that Jared (Lee) Loughner has to do with the price of rice in China regarding anything that you are supposedly writing about in this piece? Regarding the “bizarre ramblings” about currency if you would bother to pull your head out of your pampered asshole and take a look around – a REAL look around you will find that we are currently in the midst of a global economic crisis largely generated by the manipulation of currency, rampant commodities speculation and a Federal Reserve system that exists only to serve the needs of degenerate Wall Street gamblers. If you are going to indict that little fruitbag Loughner for his views on the grand scale financial scam that is “free market” capitalism then you indict millions more who are catching on to this long-running systemic fraud. I don't know if you are aware of it but one of the most consistently vocal critics of the Federal Reserve, Texas Representative and former presidential candidate Ron Paul is now Chairman of the Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology Subcommittee and holding legitimate hearings on monetary policy abuse in his official capacity right now. Of course any mention of THAT inconvenient fact would kind of undermine your entire bullshit guilt by association between Begley and Loughner now wouldn't it?  Hey Andy, a guy named Hosni Mubarak was just brought down due to the reverberations of currency speculation and spiraling food costs, you might want to note that when the shit was really starting to hit the fan in Cairo a few weeks back that the person sent to talk to our former Egyptian puppet dictator wasn’t from the State Department but was a guy named Frank G. Wisner, the voice of the real power in this country and the son of infamous Wall Steet power broker and OSS/CIA uberspook Frank Wisner. Now Andy, I hate to come across as being it a know it all but it is increasingly apparent that you don't know jack shit about fucking anything! Oh and Andy... Frank Wisner Sr. had a little pet project over at CIA, it was called Operation Mockingbird, I damn sure know that you aren't familiar with this because to quote the late great muckraker Upton Sinclair who once famously stated: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!"

But I digress...

Andy Rice continues with Loughner’s obsession with “space travel” without bothering to mention that millions of other Americans who don’t go on a kill crazy rampage are also obsessed with space travel (see Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and thousands of other sci-fi franchises), why not call out the Trekkies as dangerous cultists as well? There is also the reference to a “retired FBI agent who was exploring a link between the Octopus and Satanic cults”. This would be a certain Ted Gunderson, a man whose work is as prolific as it is often totally batshit but Rice lacks the guts to even mention Gunderson by name lest anyone actually go and look at his work. Though far too much of it is questionable and to be charitable, pretty far out there into the REAL tin-foil hatter stuff there are a few small tidbits of worthwhile information there. Things like the Franklin Credit Uinion scandal where a once prominent black and up and coming Republican named Lawrence King, who sang the national anthem at the 1988 GOP Convention before allegations emerged (and a cover-up operation flew into action) that King was running an underage prostitution ring for the D.C elite and that some of the poor abused kids were given White House tours. This alas is a seriously ugly story far worse than anything that Rachel Begley was investigating so I will leave it for another time. And as far as the satanism goes, there have long been dark stories of satanism and mind control within army and intelligence spheres of influence, this too will have to wait for another time as it is nauseating enough to deal with Andy Rice's torrent of bile. Rice also has an odd double standard in calling out serious researchers like Begley as basically loony tunes while then lavishing his implied approval on longtime conspiracy maven and batshit crazy gatekeeper Virginia McCullough. He treats her as though she is the Alien queen whose eggs by nature of her preferential place in the establishment food chain all are pre-approved for entry into the lucky sperm club.

Rice then goes on to take on the Jimmy Hughes travesty of justice, of course he is sympathetic to the poor minister victimized by the FAT crazy lady. Not to go into much of this other than the bullshit double standards pimped by Rice but he implies that Hughes is a retired and reformed man, just wanting to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, our lord and savior. This despite the fact that Hughes openly admits his past criminality as a part of his Elmer Gantry schtick, and that the group that sponsors him ministry, The Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship International or FGBMFI is a  haven for hard core right-wing fascists and has long served as a front for U.S. imperialist oppression in Latin America. Jimmy Hughes himself was allegedly involved in helping to plot the 2009 Honduran coup d'etat against president Manuel Zelaya who had to be deposed for being an ally of Venezuala’s Hugo Chavez. So much for that retired and reformed horseshit. Then just to get in yet another nasty dig at Rachel Begley, Rice mocks her for justifiable celebrating the Hughes arrest:

Begley posted a celebratory video, scored to Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida.” It flashed up an image of Hughes’ mug shot, across which she had scrawled: “Gotcha.”

Now here, I can’t completely disagree that it was a bit of a silly thing for her to do. Me, were the man involved in the long unsolved murder of my father finally arrested, I would have rapidly Photoshopped a picture of Hughes’ fucking fat, ugly, burr-cut head sawed off, dripping blood and mounted on a pike while playing The Battle Hymn of the Republic in the background. In addition to being a completely servile ass-kisser, Rice seems to have a particular fondness for “The Minister” that would belie the reality that Hughes is a stone-cold, old school killer.Lastly, Rice lovingly describes Michael Murphy, the prosecutor who may or may not have commited an act of obstruction of justice in dropping the charges against Hughes as "dapper", for some reason that just conjures up visions of Rice with Murphy's cock deeply embedded in his mouth. Jesus fucking Christ, even reading this nonstop eruption of shitty sleaze is just making me feel dirty about everything, I think that I am just going to feed the whole rotten article into the shredder after I wrap this up.

I suppose that the Wired hit piece is just the requisite thirty pieces of silver that it takes to get a big time gig these days. In these ugly economic times one can hardly blame a careerist like Rice for coveting a cushy and well paid regular gig at Condé Nast. After all, Matt Taibbi who writes for Rolling Stone and has done by far some of the best writing on the ruinous greed of Wall Street criminals (especially Goldman Sachs) once wrote an article entitled “God Can Suck My Dick” and earned the condemnation of Hillary Clinton and others for his mocking piece on the death of the Pope, either of which would normally make one radioactive to the mainstream media. Tiabbi, a witty writer and personable guy disemboweled the 9/11 Truth Movement in a series of masterful pieces that hit all the right pejorative notes “conspiracy theorists” etc while completely ignoring any of the serious researchers of our American Reichstag Fire. Now Taibbi writes books, articles and when I was watching it, he even had a regular gig on another left gatekeeper, Bill Maher’s HBO show. Maher was booted off of television entirely in the ugliness post 9/11 when he dared to say that the alleged hijackers weren’t cowards for their kamizee runs into buildings but rather that the real cowards were the ones launching cruise missiles from thousands of miles away. Maher of course redeemed himself for his mockery of any who questioned the official government conspiracy theory on 9/11 and at one point wading into the audience to point out members of the activist group We Are Change to the police after they engaged in a bit of guerilla theatre. Now Maher is making millions and bragging about smoking dope and banging porn stars, Andy Rice could only dream over a gig like that but Maher had more name recogniton than a suckling bottom feeder like Rice. Not that Andrew Rice gives a rat’s ass about the truth but the story of the Octopus is one that would provide a decent and honorable writer enough material to build a career as a very serious investigative journalist. Instead, he resorts to the dismissive idiocy that those with either a vested interest in the existing system or the need to enshroud themselves in a deflective cocoon of denial that there really ARE very bad people running the system.

Hey, I love Taibbi’s work, but rest assured, Andrew Rice is NO Matt Taibbi but real journalism isn’t about placating power, cutting deals and engaging in character assassinations that serve the needs of the oligarchy. I recall when there was a national outpouring of grief over the premature death of celebrity host Tim Russert, a reputed journalist of great honor. Bob Woodward of Watergate fame churns out books on a regular basis thanks to his favorable status within the D.C. elite inner circles that provide him access. A real investigative journalist, a serious muckraker, draws nothing but contempt from the establishment, is scorned and mocked as a nuisance and a “conspiracy theorist” by elitist snobs in the pocket media and in some cases, if his work is really good he ends up dead in a bathtub in a lonely hotel room with his wrists slashed to the bone like “fringe freelance journalist” Danny Casolaro.

Real investigative journalism doesn’t pay, better to become a dreck peddler, secure a nice regular paycheck from Condé Nast and take a place as just another low level water carrier to ensure that the firewall between the real ugly shit that is the truth from ever being discovered by the smelly masses. In his savage destruction of poor Rachel Begley. It was when Rice mocked her as a former “customer service” worker with condescension and elitism just dripping from his poison pen it was just more evidence that there are two Americas, one for the connected and the other for the poor and fucked over schmucks. It is this complete contempt by those who control the American system and have systematically eradicated the middle class, destroyed the public education system and poisoned the minds of the young with televised sexual perversion, dumbness and thousands of simulated murders passed off as entertainment that has brought this country low. The old war criminal Henry Kissinger and Rockefeller Family operative once famously referred to the little people as nothing more than “useless eaters”. Pity that guys like Andy Rice and his ilk, despite their willingness to lie and engage in ugly character assassinations just don’t get it that the same elite holds them in just as much contempt, it’s only that they are pliant and useful idiots.

Maybe the Rachel Begley takedown will vault Andy Rice onto the varsity team where he can participate with other politically motivated Wired hacks in jacking off Adrian Lamo and engaging in a vendetta against blogger Glenn Greenwald who called them out for their bullshit. I doubt it though, Rice is a punk and bereft of any courage when it comes to engaging anyone with an established reputation. After his filthy piece of crap attack on Begley he has zero credibility as well.

Rachel Begley should just sue this lying little cocksucker.I sure as hell would.
Just my two cents

February 10, 2011

Big Sister Says Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid.

My first thought was that I was watching some bizarre sort of cabaret show with Tom Ridge in drag, only with some sort of weird looking grey skunk pelt wig. Then much to my horror it was Big Sister, the top Nazi at at Der Department of Heimat Security doing her damned level best to further drive home the horrible truth that there is virtually no difference between the ousted Bush-Cheney administration and the current one presided over by Barack Obama. Hell, the argument can be made that Obama is worse than Bush in that his velvet smooth demeanor, his syrupy siren song of a sales pitch makes it possible for him to get away with things that Bush never would have dreamed of trying. For example, all of those wonderful and costly naked cancer causing body scanners that have been installed in the nation's airports and coming soon at a shopping mall and sports venue near you. There is no way on God's green Earth that Bush could have ever pulled that off nor could he have gotten away with the government mandated sexual assaults given to travelers all under the pretense of security. Now Janet Napolitano is dredging up every scare tactic from years past, invoking every phony and scary bogeyman that has been used as justification for the transformation of this once free country into a lockdown mode, torture worshipping, civil liberties zone where connected corporate and banking vampires feed freely to bursting on the plentiful supply of cattle and sheep.

The terrorism fear card was the most kick ass club in the bag during the Bush years, while Obama and his people have yet to match the strident rhetoric of his criminal predecessor it isn't because of Big Sister and the massive expansion of Homeland security which she is obviously using to accumulate chits for her post-DHS career. Most obviously are the nifty naked body scanners and zealous TSA pedophiles thanks to the cynical and lucrative fear-mongering of former DHS capo Michael Chertoff (Big Sister's predecessor) in the dread soaked, media-hyped aftermath of the Christmas Day underwear bomber hoax. The snaked body scanners, which Chertoff's lobbying group made millions off of are another massive boondoggle that serves two needs, one being the obvious necessity to keep the corporate money rolling an and secondly building a firewall between the unwashed masses of asses and the oligarchy for the day that the shit finally hits the fan.  We also have the Orwellian campaign to have Big Sister herself  on Wal-Mart checkstand telescreens urging citizens to rat each other out to the government for vaguely defined suspicious behavior. Despite the naive hope that the incoming Obama administration would implement reforms to reverse some of Bush and Cheney's most blantant violations of civil liberties it is only getting worse. Ace blogger Glenn Greenwald sums it all up in his recent piece The Tea Party and Civil Liberties:

The establishments of both political parties -- whether because of actual conviction or political calculation -- are equally devoted to the National Security State, the Surveillance State, and the endless erosions of core liberties they entail. Partisan devotees of each party generally pretend to care about such liberties only when the other party is in power -- because screaming about abuses of power confers political advantage and enables demonization of the President -- but they quickly ignore or even justify the destruction of those liberties when their own party wields power. Hence, Democratic loyalists spent years screeching that Bush was "shredding the Constitution" for supporting policies which Barack Obama now enthusiastically supports, while right-wing stalwarts -- who spent years cheering on every Bush-led assault on basic Constitutional limits in the name of Terrorism -- flamboyantly read from the Constitution during the Obama era as though they venerate that document as sacred. The war on civil liberties in the U.S. is a fully bipartisan endeavor, and no effective opposition is possible through fealty to either of the two parties.

For most civil liberties incursions over the last decade, there's been at least some glimmer of opposition on the Left -- exemplified by people like Russ Feingold in the Senate and the Congressional Black Caucus and Dennis Kucinich in the House. But they've been easily overwhelmed by the civil-liberties-hating mainstream of the Democratic Party, and particularly hampered by the lack of any meaningful partners on the Right (where Ron Paul has been a solitary voice on such matters). What has been most needed -- and most harmfully non-existent -- is some minimal amount of intellectual honesty and consistency from America's conservatives, whose rhetoric of "limited government" and "individual rights" has translated into nothing other than lockstep support for ever-increasing government power and a highly authoritarian political mindset. It is that dynamic that has marginalized civil liberties advocacy -- and rendered civil liberties erosions inevitable -- no matter which party is in control.

Very nicely put. That the same people who would have shrieked for Bush's blood over the naked body scanners are down with having our national airports turned into East German style goon-manned checkpoints exposes the phoniness and lack of conviction of the O-Bots now that their team has the ball. Greenwald rightfully gives credit to the number of newly minted House Republicans who in an astonishing display of recalcitrance bordering on outright sedition rebelled against the renewal of the anti-American USAPATRIOT Act. Could this be a sign that the Sarah Palin/Dick Armey parasites are losing influence over the Tea Party? Is a restoration of the REAL Tea Party, the Tea Party that had roots in the Ron Paul movement in the works and in these times an anti-interventionist, pro-civil liberties movement would have broad crossover appeal if the death panel dummies are excommunicated. It's no wonder that Big Sister would announce that the threat of a terrorist attack is at the most "heightened state" since 9/11. If the holy grail of the USAPATRIOT Act is challenged then the whole house of cards of the phony war on terror could come crashing down and with so much money to be made in the Nazification of America business we sure as hell couldn't have that could we?

We are at a precarious period in history today, U.S. monetary policy which has been rigged to back up the Wall Street jackals has led to record food prices through commodities speculation. This in turn is leading to the uprisings of those who are as mad as hell and aren't going to take it anymore in a number of countries, the most important one of course being Egypt where the revolution only grows in strength by the day. It is now at the point where after the visit of the imperial bagman Frank Wisner that CIA puppet torture expert and now Egyptian defacto ruler Omar Suleiman is issuing veiled threats if the uprising continues. The tipping of Egypt would upset the entire Middle East applecart and trigger the most feared thing of all, a global revolution against corrupt American looter capitalism. And then there is the matter of Israel, the second wave of Zionist propaganda is now hitting America with the idiotic and inevitable comparisons of Iran to Egypt, the threats of those savage Islamic killers in the Muslim Brotherhood and the big lie that Israel, that theocratic fascist hellhole is the region's only 'democracy' and is facing yet another esistential threat if Egypt falls. With Senator Rand Paul actually having the balls to come right out and call for cutting off of foreign welfare paid for by the U.S. taxpayers to underwrite Israeli human rights abuses and the Israel Lobby already scrambling their American fifth column (see CUFI) the coming GOP primaries are going to be ugly as never before. With Big Sister hitting the right chords to assign blame to al CIAda in the event of a new false flag terror attack and the history of Mossad black ops squads it would be very prudent to be on the lookout for what is truly suspicious behavior and groups, take for instance Israeli art students and mall vendors.

Here's an idea for all of the allegedly anti-big government, co-opted teabagger if you truly want to practice what you preach why not DISMANTLE THE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY? break it into millions of pieces and scatter it to the winds? There is no better illustration of big government run amok, drunk on power and inept beyond comprehension bureaucratic waste on the planet than DHS. An agency hastily assembed while Americans were still scared shitless of those scary Muslims who hated us for our blessed way of life and allegedly blew up our buildings. The Department of Homeland Security is an out of control, blood-sucking abomination that exists solely for the need to perpetuate itself and a huge network of crony contractors who hit the jackpot with the American Reichstag Fire and have been using fear as a justification to extort, bully, shakedown and otherwise rob the American taxpayers blind in order to feed itself. DHS and it's cottage industry of surveillance experts, ex-spooks, sadists, perverts, hucksters and propaganda pimps for a decade now. DHS and all that it has spawned NEED that fear to continue to grow exponentially and to justify its existence by finding bogeymen and useful idiots. So come on now people, why not start concentrating on dismantling this Frankenstein monster once and for all because before much longer we are ALL going to be on the terrorist watch lists, human grist for the mills that will grind our bones to make their bread. Now that is an idea whose time has come.

Just my two cents over the morning cup o' joe


February 07, 2011

Reagan Idolatry, the Super Bowl and American Fascism

Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.

-H.L. Mencken

The Super Bowl pre-game party nacho cheese dip had hardly been touched before the FOX Republican propaganda megaphone, taking full advantage of the largest viewing audience of the year to exhume the rotting, smirking carcass of Ronald Wilson Reagan and park it in the luxury suites at Jerry Jones’ Texas Palace like some sick morphing of Weekend at Bernie’s and Groundhog Day. Or maybe it was one of those forced worship sessions of long dead ideological leaders that were regularly dredged up by despots, murders and U.S. puppet banana republic dictators and their Eastern Bloc Communist counterparts. The Super Bowl, already being the most grotesque public consumption of the rotted fruits of bastardized American looter capitalism is the ideal place to honor Ronald Reagan, an odd synthesis of warmed-over nostalgic yearning for a bygone past that never really existed (outside of TV that is) and pure corporate marketing that would give Don Draper a hard-on and has the newest version of the product, Barack Obama likely spending many a sleepless night in trying to tap into that same sort of serendipitous magic that has made Reagan second to only Jesus Christ in our putrescent Empire. A putrescent empire that was on full global display on Sunday, in what very well be the Empire's Last Supper party.

It was a full two years since the King David Petraeus strutted out to midfield, to stand upon the NFL logo in Tampa in full dress regalia to flip the coin for Super Bowl XLIII, at the time the gold standard for American fascist shamelessness. Now the deification of the Gipper, on the world’s largest HDTV screen and broadcast to billions is the ultimate con job, at a time when the ruinous nature of the scurrilous policies and pandering to half-wits drunk on Jesus juice poured through the blessed American flag are on full display for the monstrous failures that they always were (see the streets of Cairo) it is truly a crowning moment for America. Despite his Reagan idolatry, Obama, the new Pope of Hope has nothing on the finely-tuned public relations machine that has turned Ronald Reagan into a transcendent life form even while his criminally degenerate carcass is  roasting on a spit in bowels of Hades. Perhaps he can invite Nancy Reagan to the White House for a seance and a game of Ouija, with Obama already on record as admiring Reagan and now splitting time with the old dead phony on the cover of Time Magazine, Reagan's stock is as high as ever and with generations of indoctrinated suckers, schmucks and chumps he is salivating at a shot at grabbing a ride on the gravy train. If one thing can truly be said about BOTH Obama and Reagan is that they are exquisitely marketed corporate products, teflon slick shit salesmen for the oligarchy with a built in customer base clamoring for a messiah.

Yesterday in frigid Arlington, Texas the national orgy of gauche consumerism, idiocy, militarism, celebrity worship and a little football mixed in took place and with a global viewing audience in the low hundred millions, FOX also made sure to kick up the fascism a notch or three. Never shy about wrapping their propaganda in a flag and getting right into the faces of Americans that Goddamn it! We are more fucking patriotic than you!, the early Super Bowl coverage was a magnum opus for that conniving foreign pig Rupert Murdoch, water-carrier for the fascist Republican party. From the FOX blowhard demagogue Bill O’Reilly interview with Obama, through the blood boiling intro by Gordon Gekko himself featuring scenes of flag worship insterspersed with historic iconic images of 9/11 first responders raising up ole glory among the smoking ruins of the World Trade Center (and of course shots of The Gipper) and continuing on through a gut churning shot of still at-large war criminals George W. Bush and Condoleeza Rice partying in Jerry Jones’s suite it was a Roger Ailes production for the ages. Nicely timed to coincide with what is now going to likely become an American holiday, Reagan's Birthday, hell, give it a while and the cult of Reagan will have him right up there neck and neck with Jesus Christ. The Michael Douglas video has to be right up there with one of the most dastardly pieces of propaganda ever made for the diabolically cunning mixture of American exceptionalism, war worship and raw post 9/11 fascism interspersed with clips of FDR, JFK and the decidely anti-war Martin Luther King. Goebbels would have gotten a boner watching it.

The cult of Reagan has a kick-ass public relations machine, always has and always will, thanks to the love child of tax chiseler Grover Norquist The Reagan Legacy Project that was created with a duty to promulgate the big lie of Reagan the Great and a dedicated army of flacks, shills, foot soldiers and clueless dopes and sycophants whose fervor towards Dutch as a messianic figure is right up there with worshippers of Mao. There is nary a conservative running for office who can go three minutes without invoking the name of the hallowed Reagan as an inspirational figure despite the fact that the GOP post-Gingrich and now owned by the Alaskan murder inciter Sarah Palin would oust the real Reagan about a quickly as they would send Barry Goldwater and Dick Nixon packing for their anti-American liberalism. We live in a society that today has been tipped on it's head, turned inside out and then pushed through the looking glass where illusion is reality, war is peace, slavery is freedom and pretty much damned near everything works exactly in the opposite way that it should. A large amount of credit goes to the cult of Ronald Reagan that emerged from the rubble of Vietnam and Watergate, took on career parasites like Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney as power-crazed, bittermen with a bloodlust to avenge the takedown of Nixon, engaged in a longtime period of hot and nasty fornicaton with the Religious Right and with longtime Eastern Establishment operative and former CIA director George H.W. Bush playing hardball in the backtround hijacked the country. The now rising force of the Ronald Reagan Centennial takes the false idol and using emerging technology, the near total corporate fascist takeover of the U.S. government and an increasingly dumbed down public (Dostyevsky once famously said that one could judge the degree of civiliation by entering the prisons in a society, here in USA we could easily do the same by watching the Super Bowl commercials) to push for actual godhood for the Gipper, the idea is being floated that his ghoulish mug should be featured on Mount Rushmore. The pre-kickoff Reagan video that was shown before Super Bowl XLV is the logical next step towards the United States of Ronald Reagan.

The Cult of Ronald Reagan’s Aged Government Cheese

BIG, HARD MASS; A BLOCK OF ORANGE-YELLOW PROCESSED "USDA CHEESE FOOD" ISSUED BY "DA GUBMENT" United States GOVERNMENT to aid needy families by supplementing their food resources. Used for making Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Macaroni & Cheese but ALSO CAUSES severe, bowel obstructing constipation, silent but deadly stinky gas, and / or "the runs" diarrhea in those who are lactose intolerant

-Government Cheese Definition: The Urban Dictionary

Ronald Wilson Reagan was a fraud while he walked the planet and as all myths and legends, his iconic status years after he was officially planted the falsehoods only grow stronger. As in the old western The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance starring another dude ranch desperado named Marion Morrison but more famously known as John Wayne, the classic line is "when the legend becomes fact, print the legend." The ultimate phony, was of course John Wayne, a rabid right-wing freak whose celluloid heroics belied the truth that while starring in multiple war movies never actually fired a shot in anger while in the uniform for his country and while being a rip-snortin, Injun bashing iconic American cowboy was a tenderfoot. The western imagery would come to serve Reagan well, is there a more famous picture of the old charlatan than the one of his leather-faced, beaming smile shining out from out from under a cowboy hat? It was such a great shot that after his death in 2004 both Time and Newseek featured the exact same picture on the cover of their weekly editions. Later, George W. Bush would also go to the bread and butter of the cowboy mythos, prior to his successful 2000 presidential bid (thanks to a rigged Florida vote and an assist to the Supreme Court) Bush's image makers purchased a piece of ranchland in Crawford, TX and began to cultivate the image of their ass kicker in a Stestson. The whole cowboy thing was bullshit of course, just as it was with Wayne and Reagan; Bush though took it to the next level in that he was actually afraid of horses, did you ever see a picture of him riding one? Give it to Reagan, he blew Bush away when it came to being a real actor. Ronald Reagan would grab hold of the tits of the false legend of the great western manly man and milk the bitch for all that it was worth. Note that Reagan curried favor with the risign menace of the uber-fascist right by turning fink and ratting out leftist Hollywood peers during the great scourge of the McCarthy years that served as a shining example for today’s “unpatriotic” jihadists in screaming traitor at anyone who dares to question the growing authoritarianism of the U.S Empire, now with Obama as caretaker.

But this all plays into something much bigger, the necessary destruction of the scourge of the Ronald Reagan idolatry among Americans because let’s face it, every stinking rotten problem that we face today originated with Reagan. The Egyptian uprising that is roiling the Middle East is directed at the puppet dictator and thug torturer Hosni Mubarak whose presidency began during the early days of the Reagan administration. The economic crisis and coming global collapse can be attributed to the deregulatory looting spree presided over by Reagan whose corrupt cronies flipped the latch on the gate and unleashed the pigs, how very apropos that Michael Douglas would be the one giving the benediction at Super Bowl XLV yesterday, "Greed Is Good" as proclaimed by his Best Actor award winning Gordon Gekko was the ethos of the Reagan era. The police state that has decimated traditional American liberties and is now a money-sucking monstrosity run amok in the fear sodden era of post 9/11 America had roots in the Reagan administration with Ollie North and his REX 84 progam that laid out plans for the suspension of the Constitution and the implementation of martial law including the roundup of American dissidents. The Continuity of Government (C.O.G.) programs that would be implemented as an emergency on 9/11 by embeds Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld in defense against Reagan's "freedom fighters', the Mujahadeen who were ostensibly behind the plot and to this day provide justification for both the Homeland fascist police state as well as the ongoing and never-ending wars abroad. The deregulation under Reagan may have had many an American shrieking in approval as if cheering on their team in the Super Bowl when their hero emphatically fired striking air traffic controllers and issued his open declaration of war on the unions that were so instumental in building a middle class that once the envy of the civilized world has now had it's back broken by three decades of plunder and undermining of the very legal protections that built it. You name it and it either had a genesis in the Reagan administration or was made much worse during those years.

Ronald Reagan's single-handed defeat of those evil Commie bastards and the winning of the Cold War is the single greatest myth of those eight years after the post-Vietnam/Watergate era when America cavorted with it's failings, began to recognize the worms in the apple and rather than to become a better nation chose the wrong fork in the road. The toppling of the USSR and the Gipper getting credit is like adage about Paul Revere's horse: the horse did all the work and the guy riding it got all of the credit. Note that Mr. Reagan's messianic anti-Communism (he was linked to the notorious World Anti-Communist League or WACL - an organization so extreme that it was shunned by the John Birch Society) that had roots in a festering, deep-seated contempt of egalitarianism among the elite had as much to do with this falsehood than anything that Reagan himself actually did.

Reagan's Early Contibution to the Phony Tea Party Movement

Buying The Myth, Selling Our Souls

The idle rich, the chiselers, the corporatists, and of course the Wall Street grifters were looking for a champion and in Dutch they found one and they crowned him for his efforts. The hatred of having to share the wealth contributed to the wars at home against labor and the middle class as well as a series of brutal U.S. backed extreme right-wing regimes putting down `leftist' movements in Central America. The horrors of the torture states and blood soaked counterinsurgencies sponsored by covert CIA operatives and cowboys like Ollie North are an ugly blight upon our history that will never be removed.

The Reagan era also institutionalized the freewheeling style of fuck you anything goes vulture Capitalism that has gutted today's economy, destroyed our manufacturing capability, wrecked the regulatory agencies that were created to keep corporations and Wall Street looters at least somewhat honest and the environment clean, seriously undermined the public education system, crippled organized labor and made the Social Darwinist race to the bottom line the nation's economic religion. CEO's became folk heroes and the poor were shamed into blaming themselves for losing the birth lottery.

Ronald Reagan also blamed government for all social problems, he often invoked the crowd pleaser that the nine most terrifying words in the English language were "I'm from the government and I'm here to help". Truthfully Reagan and the so-called conservatives love government - as long as it is government that works to further their own self-interests and to keep the rabble in their place. Reagan style government consists of an exponentially growing military machine, a surveillance industrial complex, agencies that bestow taxpayer money to radical religious groups (Christian Socialism), corporate welfare and an enforcement arm that allows the government to meddle in every aspect of the lives of Americans who don't share the same `values' of the ruling elite.

Reagan style conservatism wants to invade citizen's homes, regulate what they do in the privacy of their bedrooms, meddle in the education of their children by deliberately undermining the public educational system, promote a virulent state favored religion that has been hijacked by fanatics, destroy social programs like Medicare and Medicaid and of course that crown jewel of leveling the playing field Social Security. Reagan was able to successfully dupe the people that big government was the problem, the unspoken caveat being that only those governmental agencies that served the people, held industry accountable and protected the rights of the American worker were evil. Big government is even better when it is used as the foundation for a police state that acts to crush dissent and political opposition to Anti American, neo-fascist policies.

And the Star-Bellied Sneetches were exalting the coronation of their new king from the very beginning. In January 1981 the Washington D.C. air was filled with the musk of greedheads in heat, their delight in having a fox as the henhouse gatekeeper bordered on orgasmic. Haynes Johnson's excellent book on the entire sordid Reagan era, Sleepwalking Through History describes the atmosphere at the inauguration as follows:

It was an outpouring of wealth and privilege. At National Airport, corporate jets were parked wing to wing on the tarmac. The airport was unable to accommodate the private planes seeking space. They touched down, dropped off invited inaugural guests, then departed to bring back more. One group of Indiana Republicans traveled to Washington in an elegant railroad car once owned by J.P.Morgan. Limousines were the preferred symbol of status. "They give you a feeling of pride and accomplishment," explained a Republican national committeeman from Salt Lake City, "They give you a feeling of enthusiasm for your leaders"

So brisk was the limousine business that all available ones in the capital were quickly leased. Calls went out to dispatch others from as far south as Atlanta and as far north as New York. They poured into the city, vanguards of a new era bearing special inaugural plates with names of the corporations that had leased them. Gliding up to museums and galleries and other public buildings, they discharged women in designer dresses and diamonds and men in formal wear. Society page writers, with press entry credentials to the private festivities, strained for metaphors to describe the display of affluence. Hotel coat racks, laden with mink, "looked like furry beasts." At Sunday brunches in Georgetown, "furs swallowed the beds." At a black-tie-and boots Texas party, "a perfumed herd of thousands drank beer and wore emeralds."

The catering business had never been better. "There are ten times as many parties this inaugural as last time" said Jeff Ellis of Ridgewell's, a firm that had been waiting on Washington's social-diplomatic set for generations. Ridgewell's alone served more than four hundred thousand hors d'oeuvres during the pre-inaugural parites. "I've never seen anything like this" Ellis remarked happily. "These people have really fine taste. Rather than shrimp salad, they want the whole shrimp."It was the costliest, most opulent inauguration in American history, and some of the scenes gave credence to critics who likened it to "a bacchanalia of the haves".

It was indeed a feeding frenzy, a gathering of pigs at the trough to worship at the altar of unfettered greed based dogma of monopoly capitalism and this was six years prior to Gordon Gekko's oft-repeated commandment that "Greed Is Good" was chiseled into stone inside the temple of the moneychangers. The Reagan administration went for the throat right out of the gates. The return of the wealthy elite and robber barons to power and prominence was facilitated by the ability to distract and deceive. Karl Marx was only partially right when he stated that religion was the opiate of the masses, it is but that was prior to the advent of television and when the two are combined the potency is jacked up to the highest possible level, like black tar heroin. The elitist power brokers knew this and with his Hollywood background Ronald Wilson Reagan was the perfect front man for the myriad of their ideological schemes and voodoo economics that would wage war on progressive society and deal a staggering blow to fairness and equality in the land of plenty. It was the great national regeneration decade and that fabulous and almighty leader was our champion, the iconic president who would make things right, who would deal harshly with those bastards in Iran unlike his milquetoast predecessor, who would restore the national glory and make us that shining city on the hill. After a prolonged darkness clouded by nuance it was morning in America again, black was black and white was white it was Pleasantville in the US of A and as the they say in the movie "what's outside of Pleasantville?" - it was perfect, it was Americana and it was Ronald Reagan was our national treasure.Were Jerry Jones at the time anything but an obscure social climber yet to ascend to the summit of the American capitalist money pile before he bought the Dallas Cowboys then he would have been there to worhip his hero firsthand rather than to just drool over the fawning tribute broadcast on his grand stadium's gargantuan HDTV.

Yes indeed, those were the days, the 1980s, the demarcation point from reality and the base camp for our national descent into the abyss of post the 9/11 world of fear and globalist economics. But I am getting ahead of myself here. The Reagan years were the period when America went back to the future in pursuit of that mythical period of greatness and nostalgia that Kevin Phillips wrote about in Post Conservative America. It was a time where a nation wounded by the twin betrayals of Vietnam and Watergate failed the test and rather than gathering together to shape a future that would prevent the amoral interest of a greedy ruling class and their corrupt system from ever again resulting in such disaster we as a nation looked into the mirror and were horrified at the monster glimpsing back, we were in denial and in desperate need of a return to better days. As Phillips so aptly put it:

"More precisely, the 1980s must be considered a decade following a twenty-year period of turbulence in which the American people lost their first war, saw a number of prominent leaders assassinated, their first President forced from office, their currency at one point lose 95 percent of its value against gold, and generally came to feel that their "Heaven-bless'd nation" was somehow no longer favored."

The possibilities were infinite, an increasing prosperity for the well to do and government cheese for the rest. The days of ketchup as a school lunch vegetable, Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk, Rambo and Chuck Norris exacting blood vengeance in Vietnam to finally WIN the war, Sonny and Rico, stylishly kicking ass clad in Armani, Marty McFly and Doc Brown time tripping in a flying De Lorean, J.R. and Alexis flaunting wealth and power, MTV in every household through the miracle of cable, televangelism exploded and took the first steps towards allowing video preachers to become political kingmakers and the personal computer became a force that would eventually transform every aspect of our lives and society. We were mesmerized by the images on the tube, the VCR made available fantasy at the fingertips in your very own living room and the bread and circuses made it all the easier to ignore the looting and dismantling of the infrastructure in the background.

Again I quote from Johnson's Sleepwalking Through History:

"In the eighties the symbiosis between Reagan and television raised new questions. Was it possible the predominant values of success, winning, fame, and fortune that television transmitted into American homes had begun to manifest themselves in the character of the country? Were Americans becoming what they saw? Were they being held hostage by the miracles of their own technical inventions? Did their repeated exposure to fictional happy endings create an appetite for more of them in real life and make it more difficult for them to face lifes realities?"

"Reagan affected television and the viewing public in two significant ways. First, and most important, was the power of his own soothing personality. Both he and television offered new opportunity for diversion and helped breed a new passivity in public life. Under Reagan's lulling spell and the television trance, increasing numbers of Americans became spectators instead of participants. Politically and personally they were couch potatoes."

Couch Potatoes Who Bought The Myth and Continue to Do So.

They keep you doped with religion and sex and TV
And you think you're so clever and class less and free
But you're still fucking peasants as far as I can see

-John Lennon –

Today the cheese dip has been eaten and the leftover lil smokies and meatballs put away, the hangovers ministered to and those who are still employed in this dessicated land of once plenty shuffle off to work. The Super Bowl is over yet the Reagan myth endures and will continue to endure for as long as it serves the needs of those who in the words of the late Hunter S. Thompson stand for nothing but:

... the systematic destruction of everything this country claims to stand for except the rights of the rich to put saddles on the backs of the poor and use public funds to build jails for anybody who complained about it.”

Grand poobah host Jerry Jones’guests including the aforementioned war criminals Dubya and Condi have now departed the mothership of the stadium that has yet to generate a sufficient bidder for corporate naming rights. In an interesting footnote there were 400 poor schmucks who shelled out big bucks for tickets to the big game and then were denied access to the JerryDome, the additional perches were solely added to ensure that the attendance record for the great game would be set in the temple of Jerry and then commoditized as just another selling feature. Welcome to Chumpland!

As for the Super Bowl itself it was amazingly under-whelming for a 31-25 score that would indicate much more excitement, truthfully it was blasé beyond belief. That it was played inside of a climate-controlled tomb with ugly turf that made it hard to tell the difference between the playing surface and the green jerseys of the Green Bay Packers and a top attribute that is the world’s largest indoor Jumbotron probably played a part. I suppose that the FOXed up coverage that was more focused on pimping phony patriotism and the big lie of the Reagan legacy along with millions of dollars in shitty commercials that glorified misogyny, drunkenness, debauchery, consumerism, junk food, movies, homoerotic finger-sucking, baby smashing, cars that nobody but the rich can afford to buy (or qualify for financing for) and the endless promos for FOX’s electronic buffet of idiocy. And then there was the sales job that continued to exalt American exceptionalism, the war machine and the violent culture that supports it, this is why FOX is so very valuable to the oligarchy. Newt Gingrich understood that back when he took 4.5 million dollars from Rupert Murdoch for a book deal back in 1994 – the same year that the fledgling network hit it big by securing broadcast rights for National Football League games.

I suppose that it is somehow poetic justice that the Super Bowl XLV winner, The Green Bay Packers are technically a socialist entity, public owned and now, for the day at least honored heroes in Ronald Reagan’s America.