November 04, 2010

The Day After Yesterday, The Road Ahead

As promised, Helicopter Ben Bernanke and the temple of avarice at the Marriner S. Eccles Building officially launched QE2 yesterday afternoon. The propaganda pimps in the corporate media are bandying bout the sort of hyperbole like BOLD and UNPRECEDENTED to spin this soon obvious catastrophe. Not that any of the average shmucks give a flying fuck, the elections are over, the scumbaggers have minted their new champions and sent them to D.C. with a mandate to do some serious nigger hunting. More on that in a bit but QE2 will provide the temporary hit that the crack ho economy needs and keep the zombie banks shuffling along just a bit longer allowing chumpland USA to be strip-mined while the finance oligarchs enter the final stages of their imminent relocation to heavily fortified compounds in countries without extradition treaties. I was over at one of my favorite blogs this morning, the wonderful Zero Hedge and found this interesting little tidbit that by the end of November or before the last piece of Thanksgiving sweet potato pie has been eaten that Bernanke's Fed will have surpassed China as the biggest holder of U.S. debt.  Yessir, the coordinates have now been locked in for the final descent into the abyss, the Palinazis will soon control the gulags, camps and crematoriums that will be used to deal with the rabble once the shit hits the fan and hit it it will. I really liked this comment on the linked post by "putbuyer":

WHAM! The stock market collapses because there is no one to buy any of the stock for sale, at any price. It happens in the morning and the word gets out quickly. People know that something big is going on. By noon Eastern Standard Time the whole country is awash in the news. By two o'clock in the afternoon the big box stores are starting to sell out of groceries. All gasoline, food, and ammo are sold out that day. The unthinkable has happened. America has gone to her bunkers and awaits the anarchy that is sure to come. And the next day it begins. Those too stupid or unheeding are out and about looking for what they did not have to begin with. Violence breaks out all over the country, with warehouses in major cities being especially abused. Within a couple of days there is organized looting and robbing taking place. The bigger the marauding gang the more vicious they are. Power begets cruelty and lack of compassion.

The total social breakdown is something that I and others have been talking about for quite some time now, what happens when this putrescent, rotten and bloated to straining corpse known as the American Empire finally bursts and unleashes the maggots. Maggots whose viciousness is about to be fully protected by the state itself which will through it's multimillionaire media demagogues like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and of course Hitlerina Palin will begin issuing the orders for the pogroms. Bernanke's QE2 which will be followed by more and more conterfeiting will ultimately result in the hyperinflation that will trigger anarchy in the streets as the average American idiot typically doesn't have more than a day or so's worth of groceries on hand at any given time. Once the balloon goes up and the commodities speculators bid oil, corn, wheat and porkbellies to the fucking moon Alice the trucks will stop rolling in all but the essential zones were strategic Military Industrial Complex operations are housed. Gonna be a bad winter when there is no way to afford heating oil or food and substitutes like the furniture and the animals begin to be used instead. It's not much of a reach to see that in many rural or economically gutted rust belt areas that the family dog will be deep fried in one of those big turkey cookers that rednecks dig so much and served for Christmas dinner. Gonna get real ugly, butt ugly and I would advise Americans of two things 1) stock up on non-perishable foods, batteries, over the counter meds and ammo and ...2) like Clint Eastwood as the outlaw Josey Wales once famously remarked ...

"Now remember, things look bad and it looks like you're not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean. 'Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win. That's just the way it is."

And that is what it is going to take to hold off vicious swine like the scumbaggers along with the otherwise criminal elements of society who will use the coming descent into barbarism to install themselves as warlords over local fiefdoms. The key is to be able to hunker down long enough to let the mass chaos and looting play out and with any luck at all a good amount of the motherfuckers will end up slaughtering each other, let's face it, the scumbaggers really don't like the darkies to begin with and I am sure that the feeling is mutual. Let them go to war in the early days after collapse. It is I suppose too much to hope for that dumbass Americans of all colors and creed would finally get a clue and see the big picture and instead of looting the local neighborhood they could join up and head towards the gated communities and the McMansions to conduct their raping and pillaging. It may sound like Marxism to some but goddammit, what the fuck is wrong with expropriating and stealing back that which was stolen to begin with? So fuck it, it's gonna be a big whoop de doo when the time comes, it would absolutely wonderful to see Bernanke's head on a pike and every lightpost and tree limb in Manhattan and Washington used to hang bankers, swindlers and politicians.

As far as the so-called Republican wave election goes there are a few things to ponder as the alternative to the fake story that the yellow dog punditry already has as their narrative in place. The mid-terms were indeed a referendum on OBushma but NOT because he is a Commie, Muslim, Socialist Kenyan Manchurian Candidate who seeks to use his militant negro army ACORN to enslave the white race. OBushma and his feckless Democrats were sent packing NOT only because of the plutocrat funded and sanctioned Tea Party uprsings but because he and his administration are garden variety charlatans, liars, cheats and scum - in short they are politicians. While the corporate cash funnelled into negative advertising thanks to the fascist Roberts SCOTUS was astronomical, equally critical was the inconvenient fact for the corporate capitalist system that anyone who is predisposed to sympathizing with the REAL left and not the fag worshipping, butterflies, moonbeams, zebras and fairy tales wimps and nuke Iran for women's rights types that make up the pathetic excuse for the U.S. left - stayed home. The Obama betrayals are many and substantial, from his annoting of the insipid Rahm Emanuel as his top aide (translation: handler) to the lying about the closure of Gitmo, the escalation of the wars, the refusal to hold the Bushreich war criminals accountable, the phony health care reform charade that only benefitted the insurance parasites, the failure to back out of NAFTA and GATT and the tepid jar of leftover vomit that was the financial reform package were just too much for too many to swallow so they just said fuck it and didn't vote. Perhaps the one thing that we all can thank Mr. Hope and Change for is that he is living proof that the entire system is a sham and the game is rigged.

Not that any of this is going to matter when Bernanke's doomsday device has us all on a course straight out of Cormack McCarthy's The Road, just trying to stay alive in a ruined country and one step ahead of the cannibals.


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